Implementation of Onsite dedicated recruiting program at an 800 million dollar implementation partner. 

Background : 

Client had an urgent need to fill critical positions for external projects. Needed a quick turn around time and no tolerance for second guessing on the skill set. The need was urgent and the project had strict deadlines in place. We offered to send one of our liaisons to sit on site in the clients corporate office. Our liaison would interact with the management and HR staff seamlessly gaining critical information about the nature of the project and the skill set needed. This process enabled us to understand fully exactly what the client was looking for and make adjustments in our efforts with the feedback provided. This implementation was a success and resulted in us developing a robust relationship with this client. 

Performance : 

Estimating the number of requirements and deadlines we assigned a dedicated team of technical recruiters headed by an on site liaison. This team exclusively focused on one client. We worked on 120 IT requirements of various skill sets over a 9 month time frame. We submitted 420 qualified candidates out of which 156 were interviewed.

  • Ratio of 37.14% Submission to Interview.

  • 156 Interviews resulted in 54 hires (36 fulltime and 18 contract).

  • Ratio of 12.85% submission to placement.

  • Ratio of 34.61% interview to placement

*All ratios are above national averages for the staffing industry

Skill sets of requirements : 

  •  Java Developers/Architects.

  • Net Developers

  • Informatica ETL Developers

  • AbInitio Developers/Leads

  • MSDI Developers

  • Oracle DBA's

  • MySQL DBA's

  • UI/UX Developers

  • IBM BPM Architects

  • Flash Developers

  • Qlikview Admins and Business Analysts

Verticals : 

  • Insurance

  • Financial Services and Media

Results : 

  • On-site Liaison supported by dedicated recruiting team.

  • Total requirements 120

  • Resumes submitted 420

  • Interviews 156

  • Placements 54

Conclusions : 

The model works well and the implementation is a success only if the client will exclusively assign 20 + requirements to our team. This way we can give the full support to the implementation. 


Background : 

Client was relocating major IT initiatives to another part of the country and needed to hire quickly and effectively. We needed to partner with the existing team of recruiters and help them support the high demand for top IT Talent in a saturated market. A senior resource was assigned as a liaison who would conduct in depth interviews of candidates who were willing to relocate to the area for the right career opportunity. Our liaison would also assist with the visa sponsorship process and the document gathering which was necessary for the client to hire the candidate. We partnered with the internal recruiters and worked effectively together, coordinating all the day to day activities and comparing notes at weekly status meetings. Their team felt very comfortable with our team and this implementation resulted in a successful relationship where we are still the go to vendor for critical positions. 

Performance : 

Estimating the number of requirements and the existing difficult conditions of the location we assigned a few more recruiters who would work on national sourcing and referrals. We needed to build a pipeline of candidates who would want to relocate into the area first and then we needed to educate them on the pros/cons. A dedicated team was focused on this initiative and we worked hand in hand with the client in transferring H1B visas in order to secure the right talent.

Skill sets of requirements : 

  • Security Architect Reporting Developer

  • Technical Analyst

  • Sr. Developer (Reporting)

  • Infrastructure & Security Architect

  • Business Architect

  • Application Architect

  • QA Automation Engineer

  • Sr. Documentum Developer

  • Sr. Software Developer OBIEE 

  • Sr. Network Engineer and Siebel Administrator

Verticals : 

  • Financial Services and Brokerage

Results : 

  • 20 requirements

  • 45 submissions

  • 36 interviews

  • 12 hires

Conclusions : 

The model worked very well because we evaluated the existing process and worked with the client to enhance what they were doing already. We did have a challenge of competing with the internal recruiters and an additional vendor on some of the jobs. This program works well only if the positions are exclusive to our team therefore to avoid duplication. Also some of the positions were open for a few months and many of the qualified candidates were already approached. Eventually the client was satisfied with the results. We helped fill numerous jobs which were critical for the IT initiatives their CIO had outlined for the year.