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About Us

We pondered over the question of who we are as a company. Are we a Recruiting/IT Staffing firm? Are we a RPO company? The answer is, "We are neither.”

We are a unique and innovative new concept that will reinvent the talent acquisition industry.

Our goal is simple….clients pay when they hire. We want to build that level of trust with our clients. We know too well that companies shell out fees without guarantees; they get resumes and candidates but still fall short on the hiring. We speak technical recruiting, that is our backbone. We have been supporting numerous household names with their IT consulting and permanent positions for years. All we do at TalentCrest is focused on performance and dedicated support.

So what makes us so different that we can make such a bold statement?

TalentCrest was founded by two very experienced individuals who came from the business with over 35 years of combined experience and working for some of the biggest names. They are innovators and have run a successful IT Recruiting Firm in NY/NJ area for the past 9 years. This concept was developed after they observed a few fundamental changes in the business that was changing IT Recruiting and Staffing forever. They surveyed their existing clients and networked with technology leaders to understand what they were missing. Then these two brave and entrepreneurial individuals went to the drawing board and came up with a program which would help clients hire experienced talent and most of all save them time and money. Change made them ask the question, ”What can we do different and better?”

TalentCrest was born!

"Necessity, the mother of all invention." — Albert Einstein